Profile of Instructors

SMA Applied Karate Founder (Head Instructor)
Sensei Stephen Goodhand

Steve Goodhand (4th Dan) has been involved in martial arts most of his life, starting boxing as a child then on to Dragon Style Kung Fu (1987) in his early teens. Unfortunately the club closed because of the sifu's personal pressures. He went on to train in a variety of different martial arts clubs, ranging from Karate, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. This develop his skills and broaden knowledge of effective technique.He then studied shotokan under Sensei Beardon & Leggett. He found that Shotokan helped to develop his power and skill, as well as expanding his theories of technique and bunkai (application). Sensei Goodhand formed Satori Martial Arts Bournemouth and teaches Karate, self defence and free form martial arts. In addition to running the SMA clubs. Steve teaches in Schools, University and . He also runs a variety of private and company courses/workshops. Sensei Goodhand studies and applies the practical dimensions of martial arts and is always open to new concepts and philosophy's. He believes that most of the core martial arts contain the techniques necessary for self preservation and personal enlightenment.

SMA Applied Karate Instructor (Senior Instructor)
Sensei Matthew White

Matthew White (3rd Dan) started Shotokan Karate at 8 years old. He studied under Sensei Roger Hall (7th Dan) and Sensei David Alleyn (7th Dan) in Enfield North London. He also competed at various championships. During this period he graded under Sensei Kato (9th Dan) and then Sensei Asano (9th Dan). This gave him a strong appreciation of the key concepts of traditional Shotokan. Leaving London for University meant that he throughout his twenties he trained at a number of different clubs. This, along with a number of rugby injuries lead to him taking a hiatus away from karate. On moving to Bournemouth he met Sensei Goodhand and started training at Satori Martial Arts. The training methods, friendly atmosphere and practical dimensions reignited his love of Shotokan. He has developed a passion for understanding the practical applications (bunkai). Above all he wishes to pass his knowledge on, so enabling a greater understanding and increased enjoyment of Shotokan.

SMA Technical Instructor (Grading Instructor)
Sensei Matthew Beardon

Matthew Beardon (4th Dan) been practicing martial arts for over 25 years. He began his training in judo and won many competitions and was East Anglian open Judo Champion. He later studied thai boxing and ninjitsu, excelling in both arts. During this time he started his shotokan karate studies, which he has been studying for 20 years. Matthew has trained with a variety of top Instructors such as Sensei Masoe Kawassoe and Sensei Paul Barron. A philosopher and keen academic writer, Matthew has studied the genealogy of martial arts and produced many writings on the subject. Matthew runs many shotokan clubs in Suffolk and regularly tours the country to attend seminars and training camps. As well as a powerful and technically proficient martial artist, Matthew's knowledge base is second to none. Sensei Matthew Beardon continues to guide other shotokan stylists and frequently visits the Bournemouth & Poole Satori Shotokan Classes.

SMA Technical Instructor (Traditional Karate)
Sensei Steve Leggett

Steve Leggett (5th Dan) first started his training in Judo with his brother Sean in 1978 at the CO-OP hall in Lowestoft under sensei Jasser Jamson. He and his brother went there for one year, training twice a week. Steve kept up with his training into the early 80's. Steve's also studied under his grandfather Fred Phillips who was also a Judo sensei,and adept in the art of wrestling. During that time Steve has studied a variety of martial arts including hapkido and yoga. Steve eventually joined the Satori shotokan club and has trained there ever for many years. Steve is a active martial artist who still enters competitions and tours the country training with a variety of renowned instructors such as Sensei Frank Brennan and Sensei Andy Sherry. Steve is passionate about martial arts and history. Steve is also experienced in traditional japanese weapons and still studies swordplay. With over 20 years of martial study Steve is a knowledgeable and technically proficient martial artist. Steve runs clubs in Beccles and Norwich.

Satori Black Belt Instructor (Nage Waza Specialist)
Sensei Julian Silva Rojas

Julian Silva (2nd Dan Shotokan Karate). Originally from Paraguay, Started karate at Politecnic university of Valencia at his arrive to Spain. Started with Sensei José María Illan in Valencia (7th Dan) but also trained with Miguel  Gomez Nacarino in Madrid(8th Dan) and Marceliano Gomez in Valencia (8th Dan). He started training with SMA in 2013 and adapted well to the system of Applied Karate he earned his 2nd Dan and often takes classes. His experince in Judo makes a great asset for SMA. Julian has also trained in Taekwondo and preparing to a 1st Dan in Judo soon.

Satori Black Belt Instructor (Kata Specialist)
Sensei Saeid Najdi Hejazi

Saeid Najdi Hejazi (3rd Dan Shotokan) started karate at an early age in Iran. He has represented Iran in both Kata and Kumite. Saeid is a world level Kata performer and qualified coach, he oversees all Kata at SMA. He as been a great asset with is high knowledge of traditional shotokan karate. He continues to compete as well as develop his karate and teaching skills. He also WKF referee and offers private lessons in competition and tradional Shotokan Karate.

Satori Black Belt Instructor
Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis (1st Dan Shotokan and 2nd Dan Wado-ryu) started karate when he was 7, and has been practicing martial arts for the past 15 years.  He began his training in Wado-Ryu, studying under Sensei’s Dave (5th Dan) and Craig Phillips (4th Dan), and Sensei Andy England (5th Dan).  He has entered into many national karate competitions, becoming successful in kumite.  Due to Wado-ryu having a jujitsu background, he has become trained in a more free form style of karate, and has excelled in a range of different weapons, including winning a competition recently using double nunchaku.  He has studied under Mr T. Suzuki (8th Dan) on occasions who brought Wado-Ryu to the UK, after studying under the founder Hironori Ohtsuka.  He joined Satori Martial Arts in 2012, whilst at university, and developed a knowledge in applied karate.  He improved his grappling, throwing, and groundwork techniques, eventually becoming a 1st Dan in Shotokan, and improving his knowledge in another style of martial arts.  He continues his training back in Essex.

Satori Black Belt Instructor
Sensei Luis Teixeira

Luis Teixeira (1st Dan) started Shotokan Karate for many years in Portugal. He studied under variety of different instructors in the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation. He still competes and was successful in his last competition gaining gold and silver. He had trained under Master Hirokazu Kanazawa many times. Luis joined Satori Karate in 2007 he already had a great karate base, he has now refined his nage and katame waza (throwing and grappling techniques) and developed more power. We are pleased that Luis has become black belt coach(specialising in competitive kumite).

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